Letter of Intent

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What Is Letter of Intent?

Letter of Intent is usually written to establish terms and conditions of sale between the seller and purchaser.
Knitted Bags Master
1 Northern Road, Makati, Tlp./fax 12345678

March 11, 2020
Helen Macapagay
Owner of Women’s Store

15 Northern Road, Makati

Dear Mrs. Macapagay,

We are proud to offer you the knitted handbags that have different kinds of styles and colors at a very reasonable price of Php 50. If you order at least 5 bags between March to May, you will get a special discount at 25 % off regular price.

Our strong, beautiful knitted handbags look so exclusive that many of our customers buy more and more. Therefore, please call or fax us to place your order before we run out of our stock for this summer season.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Sincerely yours,

Rondel Ramos

Sales Manager

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