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People from different profession need to write a welcome letter for different reasons. Educators such as teachers, headmasters need to welcome their new students to the school. Employers and managers also need to welcome their new employees to their office or business. Hotel managers  write a welcome letter to their new guests before even the guests arrive. A lot of people use welcome letters to make their business and activities achieve better results.

Welcome Letter to New Residents Sample




Knit Master
12 Main Road, Victoria, Seychelles, Telp (248) 1234567 www.knit.com

March 12, 2022
Mr. Raymond Kabayan
10 Main Road, Victoria
Dear Mr. Kabayan,
We are pleased to extend to you our sincere welcome as a new resident of Main Road, Victoria.
We believe that you are going to love this community because you will realize that the people here conduct their business and treat their friends with full of respect and dignity.
When you are out, shopping, Knit Master’s shop assistants will be happy to assist you in finding whatever knitted stuff you might need in a friendly and efficient manner.
We look forward to seeing you in our neighborhood.
Brian Smith

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Welcome Letter to New Employees Sample


Welcome Letter to New Employees Sample










English Master
12 Senna Drive ,  Sint Maarten, Telp (248) 1234567 www.engmas.com

September 12, 2022
Mr. Ralph D’Counha
23 Rue Tah Bloudy, Marigot 97150, St. Martin
Dear Mr. D’Counha,
We are excited to welcome you as our new member of the happy teaching team in our beloved English school.
We have heard a lot of good things about you, so we are sure that our school will be the best English school in the country.  Synchronized with your good reputation, all the team here conduct our business and treat our friends with full of respect and dignity. Likewise, we treat our students and parents to the best of our ability, making our school have the most students among similar schools in our town.
When you are here, tomorrow, do not be surprised to see the smiling faces and friendly greetings from all of the students. They all behave in a friendly and polite manner.
Allow us to express our sincere welcome again. “Welcome to the school, Sir”.
Ruben Kinder
Senior Teacher

Welcome Letter from Principal Sample


Welcome Letter Sample from Principal












Sweet Lowland Moslem School
12 Imam Drive ,  Sint Maarten, Telp (248) 43243255 www.sweetlowlandschool.sch

September 13, 2022

Dear  Sweet Lowland Moslem School Families,

Welcome back to the school, Everyone. We are excited to welcome our students and staff back to the new school year. 2022-2023 school  is the time for us to achieve excellence in all aspects of our school activities and programs. For the last two months, we have been preparing classrooms for the new school year. We have  worked all summer to make our school immaculate so that everyone here enjoys being at our school. 

Sweet Lowland Moslem School is a carefully-designed boarding school to learn, develop and apply Islamic values both inside and outside the school. We are proud of all our students who are pious, kind, compassionate, and eager to learn the Holy Quran and Hadith.  Every month, we have more and more hafiz. Supported by our dedicated staff and ustaz, our Quran hafiz have struggled to memorize and understand the Quran with full intention and attention. In addition,  we strive to make connections with students to help them feel valued, accepted, and safe. Most importantly, we will always guide our students to become a gift for the universe by applying Islamic values in their life. Our comprehensive goal is to encourage all students’ engagement to foster a lifetime love for learning and apply the Quran.

 Alhamdulillah, we have just returned to our normal school operations this year after such a long pandemic. We have planned an acceleration model to fill in gaps in knowledge among our students. Instruction will be focused on typical moslem skills  while providing the appropriate tools needed to grasp concepts. 

The role of parents is irreplaceable so that our staff and ustaz expect all the parents to promote a healthy transition to school both socially and emotionally.   We hope that families continue to support their children to place a strong emphasis on social emotional learning while focusing on building a solid and safe boarding school community.  We encourage families to stay connected and informed by following our school website.

Please look for procedural updates communicated to you from Sweet Lowland Moslem School. Please reach out to us at any time with questions or concerns or email the office admin@sweetlowlandschool.sch.



Muhammad Hafiz



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