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Application Letter Sample for the Job You Love

In today’s competitive job market, your job application letter is often your first opportunity to make a lasting impression on a potential employer. It serves as your initial introduction, a glimpse into your qualifications, and a chance to showcase your enthusiasm for the position. Whether you’re a fresh graduate embarking on your career journey or a seasoned professional looking to take the next step, mastering the art of crafting a compelling job application letter is essential.

In this article, we will reveal the tricks to write job application letters, exploring the key components that make up an effective application. We’ll provide valuable insights and practical tips that can help you stand out from the crowd and increase your chances of landing that dream job. From understanding the purpose of the letter to tailoring it to the specific job you’re applying for, we’ve got you covered.

So, if you’re ready to unlock the secrets of writing a job application letter that grabs the attention of recruiters and HR managers, read on. Your next career opportunity might be just a well-written letter away.

As we know, different situation and circumstances affect the way you write  job application letters. See the followings situations and circumstances that generally influence the word choices when writing a job application letter :

Advertised Job Application Letter Sample (Vacancy)


See the following vacancy application letter sample:

Dear Mr. Williams,

I am aware of the driver position advertised in today’s local newspapers. Therefore, I would like to put forward my application for the position.


See also a concise resignation letter sample and  an email resignation letter sample here. 

Inquiry Job Application Letter Sample

See the following example :
Dear Ms. Goldman,
I am seeking a responsible position as a financial research assistant in which I may use my training to solve financial problem. Please allow me to find out if  there is  possibility of obtaining such a position within your firm.
Write a formal resignation letter  or, if necessary, an immediate resignation letter before you apply for a new job.

Recommended Job Application Letter Sample


Dear Sir:

I am writing to express interest in the Registered Nurse position recommended by one of your doctor at your hospital, Dr. Rubyleen.  She and I were colleagues when we were working in Makati Public Hospital.

In October 2015,  I graduated from Makati Health College with an Associate of Science in Nursing.  In my resume, you will see that my experience matches the qualifications listed for this position. I heard about this job through Dr. Rubyleen who gave me a recommendation letter attached with this application letter.


You might need a professional resignation letter sample or a polite resignation letter sample before you apply for a new job.


How To Write An Application Letter

There are a few things to note when you write your job cover letter:
See this video if you prefer watching how to write a job application letter.

The Format and the Paragraphs

To write an application letter you just have to remember the letter format described below. After you choose the format, then you begin thinking of the body of the application letter. It usually consists of three paragraphs. The first one is about the job listing. The second is about you and your qualification. And, the last paragraph expresses your gratitude and expectation to follow up the application letters such as possible call, interview, email.  
Make sure you put in your contact details/personal identity. When you send an  application letter or a cover letter, please enclose your resume to provide additional information on your skills and experience.

Your Detailed Information and Your Interest in the Job


Your application letter should provide detailed information on what position you are applying for, why you are qualified for the job you are applying for. In addition to that, your application letter should explain the reasons for your interest in the certain organization.  It should also state your most relevant skills or experiences. 

The Employer’s Benefit If They Choose You


Your application letter should also inform the employer what benefits  they will get if they select you as their employee. In addition to that, please make sure that you state the time comfortable for the employer and you to have an interview, and how you will follow-up. Get a recommendation letter sample from an employer here.


The Salary


Some people state how much salary they expect when they write a job application letter. You can also do this if your intention is to increase your salary. However, if you are between jobs or unemployed, it is advisable that you do not mention this matter in it. 

Job Application Letter Opening Sentences

See the followings when you are not sure to start an application letter. 




You can begin with:

“I just met with Susan Doherty from your firm, and she strongly recommended that I send you my resume. She is sure that I am the ideal candidate for the position of System Manager.”



If you write a letter based on someone’s suggestion, you can start with these:

“I enjoyed our meeting at the Big Motorcycle Club. As you suggested,  I am sending you this additional information to review before we get together. Victoria Ltd suggested I contact you regarding opportunities in your warehouse division. My background documents considerable success in the areas of loss prevention and asset recovery, which I understand are high on your list of requirements.”

Website’s Info and Someone’s Recommendation


This one is based on website’s info and someone’s recommendation:

“I am writing to express my interest in the International Marketing position open at Business.com. My colleague Amanda White recommended that I contact you directly about this position.”

Based on recommendation:

“I have the pleasure of being acquainted with one of your staff, Rachel Jones. She let me know about the open position, and recommended that I contact you. I graduated from ………”

See Acceptance Letter Samples and Their Significance for Business

Highlighting Skills and Qualification

  1. These sentences are also good to open the letter while highlighting your skills and qualification: “As a fresh University of Seychelles graduate, I am confident that my computer skills plus my well-honed interest in technology advances, and my recently completed education in computer science make me a strong candidate for a position as an entry-level software engineer at your highly regarded company.”

Setting Similarities With Recruiter

  1. If you have the same background with the recruiter, you can write: “Before deciding to apply, I did some research and discovered that we’re both Philippines University grads. I hope this will be a harbinger of good things to come and that we will be doing our best in the workplace. As a new graduate, I’ve been hoping to find the kind of position you’re staffing because I have exactly the background you’re asking for.”

Inquiry or Advertised Vacancy


Many business owners advertise their vacant positions in their company to get the best employees. In that case, you have to write your application letter accordingly.


Known Available Vacancy


When you know there is an available position, you can begin with this: “I am very interested in the entry level position that is available at Jakarta Investment Partners. I recently graduated from University of Indonesia and my courses in investments, finance and business have given me a solid base upon which I plan to build my career.”


Vacancy Advertised on Newspapers


Based on newspapers: “I’m writing to express my interest in the Editorial Assistant position listed on Finance Newspapers. I am confident that my related experience and excellent capabilities will meet your requirements for this position.”

Also based on advertisements on newspapers: “I am writing to apply for the Dining room Manager position advertised in the Times Herald. I graduated from Bandung International Hotel University five years ago and I am sure my experience in Hilton Hotel will enrich the company’s standard of services.”

For Teachers


This is for teachers: “I have a very strong interest in pursuing a teaching career. With experience working at both the elementary and high school levels, as well as in activities outside of the traditional classroom, I have a diverse background with much to offer.”

See if you need a bartender resume example here.

Application Letter Format

Application Letter Format. When we write an application letter, we usually use the following format :

Applicant’s Personal Identity

Applicant personal identity usually consists of :
City, State Zip Code
Phone Number
Email Address


After we write our personal identity, we usually put on the date. Examples:
October 13, 2013
November 1, 2013


After the date, we normally write salutation. Examples :
Dear Sir: (If we do not know the name of the person we are writing to), Dear Mr. Smith, Dear Mrs. White.

Body of the Letter

Right below the salutation, we begin writing the content of our application letter. It usually consists of three paragraph.

The First Paragraph

The first paragraph of our application letter usually states the reason we are applying for the job, what position we are applying for and how we know the vacant position.

The Second Paragraph

The second paragraph should convey the information about our qualification, experience, and educational background.

The Third Paragraph


The third paragraph usually conveys our gratitude to the person we are writing to, how and when we can be contacted for an interview. We can also put our email address or phone number here.

Complimentary Close

We usually put complimentary close just before our signature. Examples:
Sincerely yours,
Cordially yours,



The last thing we have to put in our application letter is our signature. Learn more about  parts of business letter here.

Write your application letter effectively,  buy the business letter samples here. 

More Tips on Writing Application Letters


Tips on Writing Application Letters. As a conclusion, pay attention to the following tips on writing an application letter : 

  1. Why you are writing – mention the job you are applying for and where you found the listing.
  2. What you have to offer the employer – mention why your skills and experience are a good fit for the job.
  3. Express your gratitude to the personnel  manager for considering you and note how you will follow up.

See the following application letter samples. They are written in Full Block Style.


Teacher Application Letter Sample



















Sultan Haruddin

Jl. Sukaindah no. 5 Sukarajin I

Kel. Cikutra Kec. Cibeunying Kidul

Bandung, 40124

January  01, 2021

Dr. Mark Harrison
Bandung International High School
Bandung, 40120


Dear Mr. Harrison,

Please accept my application for the position of English Trainer in Bandung International High School you offered. Since I have an educational background and experiences matching your criteria,  I am enthusiastically ready to be a part of your team. At the beginning of this humble proposal, please allow me to highlight my qualification in teaching English. Recently I have just got two Teaching Knowledge Test certificates from Cambridge English Language Assessment.

For your information and considerations, please allow me to give you my background and experiences. From 2010 to 2015 I worked as an English tutor in American Prep, an educational institution delivering home tutoring to different international school students such as Binus, BSJ, Tiara Bangsa etc. From 2016 to 2017, I worked for English First PT Summa Harmony. 
Finally, from October 2017 up to present time,  I am working in SD Al-Azhar 46, Depok.

I thank you for offering me this position. Should you need to contact me, you can call me at this number 0813 8000 5555 or preferably email me at haruddin@gmail.com.




Sultan Haruddin

Download the letter here.

See also an English teacher resume example or a pharmacist resume example here.


Driver Application Letter Sample

Joe Hulk
1 South Street
San Francisco, CA, 94102
March 17, 2021
Bob Williams
Comfort Transportation Company
12 North Street
San Francisco, CA, 94102
Dear Mr. Williams,

I am aware of the driver position advertised in today’s local newspapers. Therefore, I would like to put forward my application for the position. I have a proper driving license and have been working as a bus driver for ten years in Miami.  

I am a reliable and trustworthy employee and am ready to work long hours. In addition, I am punctual and capable of driving safely and carefully under any circumstances.

Please let me assure  that I could do very well in your company as I usually did in my former employer.

I thank you very much for considering me for this post. Should you need to contact me, you can do so by calling or emailing me at the number or email address in my attached resume.

Sincerely yours,


Joe Hulk

Application Letter for Financial Research Assistant Sample

George Marlon
Bloomington, IN 47401
February 15, 2020
Ms. Laura Goldman
Personnel Manager
Action, Inc.
80 Roseville Road
St. Louis, MO 63130
Dear Ms. Goldman,
I am seeking a responsible position as a financial research assistant in which I may use my training to solve financial problems. Therefore, I am writing to find out if  there is possibility of obtaining such a position within your firm.
I expect  to   receive   a   Bachelor   of   Business Administration   degree   in  finance  from  Indiana University in June. Since September 2015,  I have been participating, through the university,  in the Professional Training Program at Computer Systems International, in Indianapolis. In the program I was assigned, on rotating basis, to several staff sections in apprentice positions.
Most recently, I have been a financial trainee in the Accounting Department and have gained a great deal of experience. Details of the academic courses I have taken are contained in the enclosed resume.
I look forward to meeting you soon in an interview.
George Marlon

Application Letter  Sample for Marketing Manager

Application Letter  Sample for Marketing Manager

























Vicky Green
123 Norris Road, Birmingham
August 12, 2021
Mr. John Martin
Recruitment Manager
Best Goods Inc.
Dear Sir,
I  would  like to  apply  for  the  job  of  ‘Marketing Manager’ advertised in The Guardian, August 8, 2020. My name is John Hopkins.  I am 24 years old and I have a bachelor degree in economics.
Could  you please tell  me what the salary is before you invite me for an interview? I would be available for an interview on Thursdays or Fridays.
Vicky Green

Application Letter Sample for Reporter


John Magellan
35 King Albert Park
Singapore 2159
Telephone 7785427

February 15, 2020
The Personnel Officer
The Straits Times
390 Kim Seng Road
Singapore 0923

Dear Sir,
Re: Vacancy for Post of Reporter
Having  obtained  a  university  degree  and  some invaluable experiences overseas as a reporter, I am inquiring  as to  whether  you  have  any   suitable vacancies in The Straits Times.

My interest in journalism developed  while  I  was studying English at a British University’s “Students News” but later I became one of the editors.

After I graduated, I spent three months as a reporter for  “The Evening News”,  one of the  provincial  daily newspaper. Working alongside experienced reporters, I learned, for example, how to focus a story on a point of human interest and how to interview people sensitively when they are under stress after a disaster has occurred.

Now that I have  returned to Singapore, I  naturally wish to pursue a journalistic career with The Straits Time.

I am    enclosing  my resume for your information and would value the opportunity of discussing with you at your earliest convenience the possibility of employment.
John Magellan

See also a financial research assistant resume example or an insurance agent resume example here. Or if you want to start your business, why don’t you just try to get investment using this proposal letter.

Application Letter Sample For System Manager




George Martin
143 Walking Street
September 13, 2021


Human Resources Department
Carnival Cruise Line
Copenhagen, Denmark

Dear Sirs,
I am writing to inquire whether your company will have any available position to  be  opened in  the  near  future which is in line with my skill and educational background.  My name is George Martin and I am 23 years old Graduated from Harvard University  majoring in Information Technology.

I have had two years of experience as a System Manager at Boston University of Computer in Boston. I am confident that I will perform a job which will meet your standard.

For further information, I attached my CV and Reference. I would be grateful if you could give me an opportunity for an interview at any time available.  Thank you for considering this application and I am looking forward to hearing from you. 

Yours sincerely,


George Martin

Waiter Application Letter Sample


Raul Kabayan
12 Main Street
San Francisco, CA 94120
March 19, 2020
Americhi Restaurant
123 South Street
San Francisco, CA 94120
Dear Sir,
I saw your advertisement in today’s local newspaper that you needed more experienced waiters for your restaurant.
Since I have an educational and experience background in the food and hospitality industry, I am enthusiastically ready to work for your company. For the last five years, I worked for a Mexican Restaurant where I overcame working under pressure and got a lot of practical knowledge and practice on every aspect of food service, including taking orders, waiting customer’s dinner and lunch, handling the cash register and performing daily inventory reports.
In the same restaurant, I also succeeded in performing front office duties for a year. I gained a lot of experiences in hospitality practice and fulfilling all the customer’s demands.
I thank you for thinking over me as your waiter. Should you need to contact me, you can  call me at this number 1234567 or email me at xyz@gmail.com.


Sincerely yours,


Raul Kabayan


See also the following recommendation letters for a better job chance.

Application Letter Sample for Nurses

Godfredo Hernandez 
12 Main Street
Makati,  94121
October 19, 2020
Manila Public Hospitals
123 South Street
Manila,  94120
Dear Sir:
I am writing to express interest in the Registered Nurse position recommended by one of your doctor at your hospital, Dr. Rubyleen.  She and I were colleagues when we were working in Makati Public Hospital.  I graduated from Makati Health College with an Associate of Science in Nursing in October 2010.  
From my resume, you will see that my experience matches the qualifications listed for this position. I heard about this job through Dr. Rubyleen who gave me a recommendation letter attached with this application letter.
My nursing educational background  at Makati Health College and my experience  as a registered nurse at Makati Public Hospital have given me skills in patient assessment and a solid foundation in providing holistic nursing care that focuses on all aspects of a human’s health.
I am really keen on nursing. My communication skills, along with my compassion, patience, passion and patient advocacy, are what I offer as a registered nurse. I would be honored and excited to be a part of your team and contribute my skills to your staff and patients. I look forward to an interview with you to discuss my education and experience at your earliest convenience.
Sincerely yours,
Godfredo Hernandez


See also a financial research assistant resume example or an insurance agent resume example here. 


Scholarship Application Letter Sample


[Your Name]
[City, State, Zip Code]
[Email Address]

[Scholarship Committee Name]
[Organization Name]
[City, State, Zip Code]

Dear Members of the Scholarship Committee,

I am writing to express my sincere interest in applying for the [Scholarship Name] as advertised on [Source of Scholarship Information]. As a dedicated and driven individual, I believe that this scholarship would greatly assist me in pursuing my educational and career goals.

I am currently a [Your Current Year] student at [Your Current College/University], majoring in [Your Major]. Throughout my academic journey, I have consistently maintained a strong GPA and have actively participated in extracurricular activities related to my field of study. I am particularly passionate about [Highlight a Relevant Area of Interest or Achievement].

This scholarship would significantly alleviate the financial burden of my education and allow me to focus more on my studies and professional development. It is my sincere aspiration to excel in [Your Career Aspiration] and make a meaningful contribution to [Relevant Industry or Field].

I sincerely request the opportunity to be considered for the [Scholarship Name] and kindly ask for your support in making my educational dreams a reality. Enclosed, please find my completed application form, academic transcripts, and letters of recommendation.

Thank you for considering my application. I look forward to the possibility of being awarded this scholarship and will be extremely grateful for your support.



[Your Name]

[Your Contact Number]


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