Employee Medical Report

Employee Medical Report Sample

Both employers and employees must know the employee’s medical report and its consequences. Employees and employers have to know the rules regarding labor, including the health aspect of employment, for the benefit of all parties. Before employees report for duty, they should be aware that a lot of companies require their employees’ to submit their medical reports. The employees can get it at a city health center or in the company’s clinic. On the other hand, employers need to make sure that their employees are not injured. If they have an injury, they also have to ensure whether the injury has any relation to their job activities or not. When the companies or the employers notice that their employees indicate having physical problems, they can have the employees examined by physicians.

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The result will be used to determine if the employees can continue working or not. In essence, both employers and employees have to be aware of the health aspects of their activities.

See the following employee medical report sample.

Employee Medical Report


Employee Medical Status Report

Name               :   Danny Hopkins
Date of Birth     :   12/27/1986
Employee ID      :   882345
Position            :   Cook
Diagnosis          :   HNP
Treatment Rendered and Response :

Analgesia and Multivitamin

Medication required on a daily basis if any :


Mandatory Discharge Information : ded

Is Employee fit for duty ?    Yes  …….        No …….

What restrictions if any ? Duration of restrictions & specific limits eg : time, weight etc. :


Maximum Medical Improvement : Yes …..    No …….

The definition of Maximum Medical Cures as follows : The accepted legal standard holds that maximum cure is achieved when it appears probable that further treatment will result in no betterment of the employee’s condition. Thus, where it appears that the employee’s condition is incurable or that future treatment will merely relieve pain and suffering but not otherwise improve the employee’s physical condition, It is proper to declare that the point of maximum cure has been achieved.

Date                             : ……………………………

Physician’s Signature       : ……………………………

Physician’s Name(Print)    : …………………………….

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