Congratulation Letter Sample on Marriage

Congratulation Letter Sample

We provide a congratulation letter sample based on the following reasons:

  1. Sometimes some people want to praise their friend for their  achievement in their personal life, such as: Long Marriage, Anniversary, Successful Wedding Party etc.
  2. Very often people want to praise our friends or employees for their good performance in their job.
  3. Employers generally want to praise their employees for their long dedication to the company.

Here are some tips on how to write a congratulation letter.

  • Make sure you state clearly how happy you are to know that your friends or employees have had a fortunate event, a good achievement or success.
  • Do not forget to mention clearly what the fortunate event, achievement, success are.
  • Try to avoid too many words. One page is long enough.

Congratulation Letter Sample on Marriage


Congratulation Letter on Marriage










844 Panorama Way
Aurora, Illinois 60504

July  6, 2017

Dear Dave,
How we  miss you!    And  how   we   envy  you two!  Congratulations,   old friend, on your  marriage. Your friends here knew  that as soon as  you  became  an engineer, you would engineer yourself into a marriage. Why not send us a photograph of the happy couple?
Dave, we are  waiting for your letters.   Fred says to put lots  of  different      stamps   on  the  envelope  for    his collection. Write soon.



Congratulation Letter Sample On Promotion


The State Junior High School of Tanjungsiang I
Jalan Raya Tanjungsiang no. 67 Tanjungsiang Subang

November 23, 2020
Dr. Moris Jamaludin
Jalan Raya Tanjung 234, Tanjungsiang
Subang 42184
Dear Dr. Jamaludin:
We are very proud to learn of your promotion to the post of Headmaster of The State Senior High School of Tanjungsiang I. Please accept our warmest congratulations!
To  be  a   headmaster   at   such   a   young  age  is  a  great accomplishment. We believe that you will be able to develop the school to the best of your ability.
Congratulations once again!
Dr. Wahidin
The Headmaster


Download the letter here.

Congratulation Letter Sample on A Baby Birth





National Hospital

123 Provincial Street, Bandung 12345 Phone 54321

November 24, 2020

Dr. Ninda Tiara
123 Jalan Anggrek
Bandung 40122

Dear Ninda:

We can hardly express how exciting it is to have a new baby. And, we are all excited to hear about Aulia’s birth. We believe you and your husband must be proud to have such a nice baby girl.

Our family are looking forward to seeing you soon.

Congratulations, Ninda! We’re all happy to hear you have Aulia.


Dr. Erica Susanti



Download the letter here.



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