Appreciation Letter Sample

Appreciation Letter Sample

The following appreciation letter sample is written by customers who give suggestions. In addition, A reply for an appreciation letter is also provided. Also we provide you with sample letters of appreciation for good customer service. They are written by customers who are satisfied with the service they have received. Please check the letters.

Appreciation Letter Sample for Suggestions

Appreciation Letter Sample

Eastern Continental Hotel
123 Main Street, Denpasar, Bali Telp. 62-361-567890

March  09, 2020
Amanda White
1 Orchard Road, Singapore 
Dear Ms. White,
We   would  like  to  thank  you  for  your  valuable  suggestion that you convey through Our Guest Satisfaction Survey. At the  beginning  of  next month we are going  to  implement  your suggestion. We agree with you that  this  would  be a great help to everyone in  our  hotel. Ultimately, it  will  help us provide the best services possible to our valuable customers, including you.
We notice that you regularly stay in our hotel. Therefore, we guarantee your next visit to our hotel will be more comfortable. From the bottom of our heart, we really appreciate your suggestion.  So,  this  will  be implemented in all of our network. We also hope to  see more of your suggestion in future as it will help us improve our services. If you have any other concerns that you would like to address, please feel free to contact us at 08123456789.
William Morgan
Customer Service Manager

Sample Letters of Appreciation for Good customer Service

Dana Prawira
1 Soedirman Street
Central Jakarta,
Jakarta, Indonesia
March  09, 2021
Singapura Hotel International
1 Orchard Road, Singapore 
Dear Sir,
I am writing to express how much respectfully and professionally Mr. Mathew Harris treated us. From March 1 to  March 6, we stayed in your hotel  and we needed a lot of help regarding our tours including the transportation in the city. It was our first time to visit Singapore. So, we were confused on the first day of our stay. To my surprise,  Mr. Harris did a lot things for us beyond our expectations. Consequently, our confusion has changed into joy that we never forget. I don’t know what to  say to explain how admirable he is. To sum up, he is such a personable customer service staff you should value much. 
In the near future we are going to Singapore again and hope to  stay in your hotel again. We hope to see your wonderful staff and great services you  have delivered.
Dana Prawira

Reply for Appreciation Mail

This is a reply for the appreciation letter above.

Singapura Hotel International
1 Orchard Road, Singapore Phone 65-361-567890

March  10, 2021

Dear Mr. Prawira,

Firstly, we appreciate your letter regarding your satisfaction with our service, specially with our customer service staff, Mr. Mathew Harris. Mr. Harris is really a talented, hardworking staff who has received a lot of recognition and positive comments from our guests. Therefore, we are going to select him an employee of the month of April, 2021. Sincerely we would like to express our greatest gratitude on your invaluable comments and appreciation.

Secondly, regarding your coming back to our hotel in the near future, we are always ready to serve you to the best of our ability. Earnestly, we are pleased to see you again. Should you need anything regarding your stay and transportation, please contact us at this number 12345 or email us at

Finally, we thank you very much for the comments. We are looking forward to serving you again. 

Ali Mindanao
Customer Service Manager


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