Endorsement Letter Sample for a Research Training

Endorsement Letter Sample to Support People

We can write an endorsement  letter for different people from different types of relation. Occasionally, we need to write one for our friend, colleague, employee, or student. On top of that, we can also write an endorsement letter to support marketing a product. Besides, we can also write this kind of letter to authorize someone to do something on our behalf. For those purposes mentioned above, we provide you with endorsement letter sample or samples as a reference. See the endorsement letter examples below.

Endorsement Letter Sample for Employee


This endorsement letter sample is written by a former employer to a new employer. Most importantly, it is created to recommend his/her employee so that the new employer will have enough information to consider recruiting him/her.

Endorsement Letter Sample








Knit Master

10 Main Road, Victoria, Seychelles, Tlp (248) 1234567 www.knit.com

March 15, 2020

Danny Hopkins

1 South Road


Dear Mr. Hopkins,

I am pleased to endorse to you Cathleen Doherty, our Shop Assistant Head as a Marketing Assistant Manager. She has been working in an excellent manner for about 4 years. She also has been dedicated herself to learning and practicing marketing strategies of our company.

I am confident she will have a lot of initiatives and creativities in increasing our sales. Besides, she is also used to working under pressure smoothly.




Brian Smith


Download the endorsement letter here.

Endorsement Letter Sample for Research Training


We have designed the following endorsement letter sample for research training awardee nomination. A lecturer wrote a letter for his student.  We also provide you with the screenshot image of the letter. Check it out.


Endorsement Letter Sample for a Research Training


Department of Electrical Engineering

Easvard University

Longwood Ave, Boston, MA  02115, United States

July  04, 2022

Professor Jane Doherty

Department of Electrical Engineering

Queen University

Southampton, UK

Dear Professor Doherty, 

I am writing to endorse Dr. Ben Hilton for a Research Training Fellowship in Electromagnetic Fields. I firstly got acquainted with Dr. Hilton in 2017 when he spent a year learning research techniques in my laboratory. In addition to that, I was his supervisor when he obtained his Doctor degree for his work.

Dr. Hilton is worth rewarded with this fellowship award for his professional, academic and attitude integrity and capability. Spending 2 years in Easvard University, he demonstrated an excellent research skill and exceptional collaboration skills. Likewise, he has become a young meticulous, experienced  microscopist who is personable and reliable.

Dr. Hilton is a highly energized young man whom I really endorse to get this research training fellowship. I am highly confident that he will do well in this program and he will be able to influence a lot of academic society members to follow his initiatives and creativity.


Dr. Amanda White


Download the letter above in Google Drive.


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