Endorsement Letter Sample

This endorsement letter sample is written by a former employer to a new employer. It is created to recommend his/her employee so that the new employer will have enough information to consider recruiting him/her.

Endorsement Letter Sample








Knit Master

10 Main Road, Victoria, Seychelles, Tlp (248) 1234567 www.knit.com

March 15, 2020

Danny Hopkins

1 South Road


Dear Mr. Hopkins,

I am pleased to endorse to you Cathleen Doherty, our Shop Assistant Head as a Marketing Assistant Manager. She has been working in an excellent manner for about 4 years. She also has been dedicated herself to learning and practicing marketing strategies of our company.

I am confident she will have a lot of initiatives and creativities in increasing our sales. Besides, she is also used to working under pressure smoothly.




Brian Smith


Download the endorsement letter here.

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