Birthday Invitation Letter

Invitation Letter for Five Different Events

An Invitation letter is a letter sent by someone or a company to ask someone or a company to attend an event. This letter can be formal or personal. It depends on the events that are going to be held. There are a few types of invitation letters. They can be a personal invitation letter or a company/institution invitation letter. A personal invitation letter is usually designed to ask someone to attend friendship or family event, such as birthday party, engagement party, wedding party, anniversary party.

Different from a personal invitation letterA formal or business invitation letter is usually designed to fulfill a company or an organization’s interests.

Anniversary Invitation Letter Sample 

The following letter is designed for a company who would like to invite its customers to its anniversary party.





Goldrush Bank 
155 Cicalengka Street, Bandung, West Java Phone: 022 7917933

January 17th, 2020
Dear Mrs. Johnson:

Our records show that you have been a customer of Gold Rush Bank for six months. We would like to thank you   for   your   business   by   inviting   you  to our Anniversary party this Saturday.

At this event, please accept the enclosed $15 gift certificate to use with your purchase of $50 or more at Sun Department Store.

We look forward to seeing you at the party on Saturday. Please bring this invitation with you and present it at the door.


Randy Moore
Gold Rush Bank Manager

Birthday Invitation Letter Sample

the following letter is formally written to invite people to one’s birthday party. See if it suits your need.

Brian Smith

cordially invites you to his  35th birthday
on April 12, 2020
at 10 am
at Victoria Convention Center,  Victory Hotel
123 Main Road, San Francisco, CA 90112
RSVP to Judy Smith at 350-12345 or by April 5th, 2020.
Lunch will be served at 12.00


Dinner Invitation Sample








June 2, 2020

Dana and Chuck Norris
777 Lander Lane
Meridian, ID 83642

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Norris,

You are cordially invited to a formal dinner in honor of Samuel Green on July 21, 2020 at 8 p.m. at the Boise Hilton.

As you are    an   associate of Mr. Green, we would like  you  to  speak  briefly  about  his  work  in the lumber industry. If this is possible, please let me know within the next week.

Please  note  that  this  is  a black-tie event, RSVP with the names of those attending by July 14, 2020.

Sincerely yours,

John Cougar
Chairman, Social Committee

Download the Letter here.

Success Party Invitation


Personnel Welfare Committee

We are happy to invite all of you to celebrate our success in reaching our target’s sales. As a thank you for your hard work, we would like you to enjoy special party followed by special reward  to all of you.
We look forward to seeing you there. Please bring this invitation to the event.
Special Reward Party
Date : May 22nd, 2020
Time : 7:45 pm – 10:30 pm
Place : Conference Room
Attire : Smart Casual

Wedding Invitation Letter








Dear Jane & Michael,

We would be pleased to have you join us  for our marriage, Susan Kidman to John Williams, to be held at Al-Haq Mosque on Saturday 23rd March, 2020.
The reception for us will be  at Bar Harbor’s Restaurant, 123 Main Road, Bar Harbor at 5.30 pm.
We kindly request you to reply by March 16, March, 2020 . We look forward to seeing you.
Dress: Smart Casual

Yours sincerely,

Susan Kidman and John Williams


Download the Letter here.

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