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Explanation Letter Samples for Different Purposes

explanation letter

There are a few explanation letter samples you can see here. The first one is a product explanation letter sample. The second example is an explanation letter for being late. And the last sample is an explanation letter for making general mistakes. See which letter suits your need.

Explanation Letter Sample for Product

Knit Master
1 Main Road, Victoria, Seychelles, Phone (284) 12345678 www.knit.com

March 10, 2020

Jack Morgan

234 First Street, Victoria

Dear Mr. Morgan,

In reply to you letter dated March 4, 2020, we are pleased to explain our latest products to you.

Our latest product, Pearl Knitted Handbag, is exclusively design for our partner in San Francisco. They brand it “Legit”. This handbag is made of the best woolen thread and coated with satin cloth and decorated with artificial colorful pearl.

If you are interested in this product, we are pleased to give the opportunity to resell it with your own brand.

The price of this product is US $ 25. The minimum order is 200 pieces. So far, we can manufacture 100 pieces a day.

I am confident that your customer will love this beautiful handbag as a lot of people in San Francisco do. Therefore, we are eager to work together with you.

Thank you for your attention and effort. I am looking forward to hearing from you.

Sincerely yours,

Susan Doherty
Production Manager

Explanation Letter Sample for Being Late

Write some important points in your explanation letter for being late.

  1. Introduction : acknowledgement that you have made a mistake.
  2. Expression of our apology :”I am really sorry about it.”
  3. Explanation/admitting/own the problem. Example: I found out that the traffic was so congested that I could not drive my car at all. However, we will always struggle to send goods in a proper way.”
  4. Solution: “I will avoid similar situations in future.”, “I will prevent similar situations from happening again in future.”

April 22, 2022
John Hopkins
Human Resources Manager
I have just received your April 20 letter about your written warning.  I am really sorry that I was not able to come on time on April 19, 2022. Please be informed that my lateness was caused by the unusual congested traffic. I know the reason that I was late does not justify my being late. However, I managed to complete all my daily tasks on time.  And, it is my first time to be late during my two years’ tenure in the office. Therefore, I humbly request that you void the written warning in my file. I understand if you just give me a verbal warning for this mistake.
To avoid my being late in future, I have planned to do two things. Firstly, I am going to leave half on hour early from my residence. Secondly,  instead of driving a car, I am going to ride my motorcycle to work. I believe I will be able to avoid my tardiness in future. Finally, allow me to express our sincere apology for the inconvenience it has caused you. It was really due to  the  fact  that  is beyond my control to some extent. I will  struggle  to  prevent  this  incident  from happening  again   in future.
Mark Bezo

Explanation Letter Sample for Making General Mistakes

September 29, 2021

Russel Irwin
333 Plainfield Avenue
Syracuse, NY 13212

Dear Mrs. Irwin:

I do apologize for making this terrible mistake.   I really did not mean to do this.  However, I had many things to think about when suddenly I did this by mistake. I know it has caused inconvenience to you.  Therefore, this morning I just planned to compensate it by doing some of your daily tasks. Hopefully, it will make your day better.

Thank you for your understanding.


John Black

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