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Introduction Letter for Business | Englet

A business Introduction Letter is written to introduce our company or our products or our staff  to our prospective customers or  our prospective partner. A good business introduction letter should include the following items:

1. The name of our company.
2. The address of our company including telephone, fax.
3.  The product or services our company offer.
4.  The product specification and quality.
5.  The benefit of our product to our customers.

Business Introduction Letter


A good company needs to write an introduction letter to expand its business connections. This letter should contain  the business profile. Therefore, its clients or customers can easily contact us. 
Grace Textiles Ltd
25 Main Street, Boston, MA 02110 Phone 1-234-12345

October 2, 2020

Mr. Jack Wilson
Boston Indonesian Restaurant
66 West City Avenue, Boston, MA 02110

Subject : Introduction

Dear sir :

We would like to introduce that our company,  Grace Textiles Ltd, has been producing various high quality fabric. We   produce the latest fine silk styles and with attractive designs  especially for the young   executive.  With  a  very  large  number  of selection, we ensure that our newest products are  high quality, durable and do not fade.

We herewith send samples of the product. We give a  discount  of 20%  during  the month of this campaign.

Please call us if there is something we can do for your company.


Bill Graham
marketing manager










A good company should also write an employee introduction letter to its customers or clients. For one thing, the employee feels welcome by the company. Secondly, this letter is also good to confirm that it has a new employee that will be serving our customers or clients. the company has to send this employee introduction letter before the employee serves the customers or clients. If possible, state when the new employee will begin serving them.

Natural Beauty Food 
1234 South Street  Boston MA 1-350-15364

November 3, 2020

Charles Wright
Gift Restaurant
111 North Street
Boston, MA

Dear  Charles:

I  am  happy  to  introduce  our  new  sales representative, Paul Brown, to your company. He will be serving your company at the beginning of this December.

Paul graduated from University  of Maine and holds a degree in sales marketing. He has worked for Boston Food and Beverage Ltd for five years. We are proud to get him as our staff and we are sure that he will be able to give you the best service possible beyond your expectation.

Paul will be happily contacting you in a week to introduce himself personally and listen to whatever you would like to address to us.

Yours sincerely,

Jack Bally
Sales Manager

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