Consent Letter from Parents

Consent Letter Samples for Busy Parents

The following consent letter sample is designed for parents who will not be able to accompany their children to travel overseas. Therefore, they should make a written statement to authorize someone as their children’ s guardian during the trip/travel. In addition, one letter is designed for one parent who is travelling with his/her child. But, he/she needs a permission from someone who shares the  custody of the child. Besides, there is also another consent letter sample which is written by a company to authorize its employee to take care of some its business affairs. Check those letters.



We, (Brian Smith) and ( Rachel Smith), Parents of ( Robert Smith ), do hereby give our consent for him to travel to Indonesia for vacation purposes with (Susan Doherty).
          For the duration of his stay in Indonesia, our child will be staying with Agnes Monica Santy, at this address : Jl. Rangga Wulung Sari no. 5, Bandung 40115, West Java, Indonesia Phone : 62-22-755755555.
            This Letter of Consent is being issued this Saturday of  March 25, 2020 at San Francisco in compliance with immigration requirements for minors travelling to Indonesia not accompanied by or joining either parent.
Mother                                         Father
Rachel  Smith                                Brian Smith

Sample Letter of Consent to Travel with One Parent

From: ​ Peggy Mansfield and Jack Mansfield

199 North Main Street

Saint Barbara, California 99999

Nov 25, 2021

To: ​ American Notary USA

777 Central Street

Saint Barbara, California 99999

To Whom It May Concern,

This letter is to declare a parental consent letter for my wife, Peggy Mansfield, to travel with our daughter, Amanda Mansfield, to Juneau, Alaska, to visit my wife’s parents, Brian and Susan Williams. Therefore,  this declaration is to clarify that Amanda Mansfield is traveling to Juneau, Alaska, with Peggy Mansfield. Peggy Mansfield  has my permission. They will leave on November 26, 2021 and return on December 4, 2021. 

For your information, please see our contact information below:

Name Amanda Mansfield
Residential Address 199 North Main Street

Saint Barbara, California 99999

Phone Number
  1. 2222222
Email Address
Name Jack Mansfield
Residential Address 199 North Main Street

Saint Barbara, California 99999

Relation Father
Phone Number
  1. 1234567
Email Address
Name Peggy Mansfield
Residential Address 199 North Main Street

Saint Barbara, California 99999

Relation Mother
Phone Number
  1. 1234567
Email Address


Jack Mansfield




Peggy Mansfield


Consent Letter From A Corporation

International Inc.
10 Main Road, San Francisco, CA 94012 Phone 1-234-567

March 25, 2020
I, Brian Smith, the President of International Inc. consent to Susan Doherty to register the name Knit Incorporation.
Brian Smith

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