Guarantee Letter Sample

Guarantee Letter Samples

See the following guarantee letter samples here. There are two types of guarantee letter samples. One is personal guarantee letter and the latter is bank guarantee letter. 

Personal Guarantee Letter Samples

Download the Guarantee Letter  here.

Letter of Guarantee



To Ambassador/Consul-General of South Africa

in Makati
Visa Applicant
Nationality         : Philippines
Occupation        : Nurse
Full Name          : Grace Santos
Sex                   : Female
Date of Birth      : 1974/09/21
I will guarantee the following items regarding the above-mentioned applicants’ entry into South Africa:
  1. Expenses for the applicant’s stay in South Africa.
  2. Return travel expenses.
  3. Compliance with South Africa Laws and Regulations.
I hereby declare that the above is true.
Address                                      : No. 10 South Street, Makati
Occupation/Name of Organization : Doctor
Full Name                                   : Raul Ramos
Date of Birth                               : 1964/08/17
Telephone Number                      : (63) 1234 5678      Extension (256)
Fax Number                               : (63) 1234 5679
Relation With The Applicant :  Brother



Raul Ramos


Bank Letter of Credit Samples

A bank  Letter of Credit  is generally issued by a bank upon the request of a buyer or an importer. The buyer needs this letter to fulfill the requirement made by the seller or the exporter.

Purpose of a Bank Letter of Credit

Primarily, the purpose of this letter is to guarantee or to ensure that the seller is paid in any case. If the buyer has defaulted, the seller may claim the letter of credit that has been opened by the buyer. 

The Reasons of a Letter of Credit

There are a few reasons that the seller requests a letter of credit from the buyer:

  1. The seller is  a new company or supplier that is not confident in offering trade credit to the buyer.
  2. The buyer is a new company. Therefore, it does not have enough credit information and history for the seller. Consequently, the seller doubts the buyer’s ability to pay. 

How to Get a Bank Letter of Credit

The buyer can apply to its bank for a letter of credit.  The procedure and requirement is similar to that of applying for any other loan:

  1. Has an account in the opener bank.
  2. Signs a credit agreement.
  3. Provides collateral assets.

Letter of Credit Sample




999 Beach Drive, San Diego, CA 92113, USA (1) 456789

Peggy Mansfield


(1) 333-88888


June 04, 2022

Dear Sirs, 

This letter is to notify that Bank of West America will irrevocably honor and guarantee payment of  any checks written by Peggy Mansfield up to the amount of US $ 200,000 and draws on account 77777777.

This guarantee letter is for the purpose of our customer purchasing computer’s accessories from Chang Ltd in Shanghai, China. This letter of credit is valid until June 30, 2022. 

Sincerely,                                  Customer,


Brian Mercury                         Peggy Mansfield
Bank Officer


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