Payment Notification Letter Sample

Notification Letter

We usually write a notification letter to formally inform our employees, colleagues, clients and other business connection we might have. For that purpose, Englet provides you with the following notification letter samples.

Notification Letter Samples to Employees


The following notification letter is good to inform your employees about a special job that has to be done by a lot of employees from different departments or divisions.

Notification Letter Example

Download the Notification Letter here.

To       :  All Employees
From   :  Daniel Arthur
Date    : September 30, 2020The Publication  Manager  is  expected  to  plan, coordinate,  and   supervise   the  design  and development of sales brochures, advertisements, and customer  manual  required  to  support   the  sale, installation, and maintenance of  company products and services. In connection with that,  I hope  all  employees give brilliant ideas to design brochures  which  could attract new customers to take our products.  Therefore, we can increase our sales.

The design has to be  sent to  the General   Manager on October 5th, 2020.  Every  department is pleased to send more than one design. After all of the designs are collected, we will choose the best ones.StAdapted from Multipurpose Letter


Payment Notification Letter Samples to Clients


This letter is written to formally inform our clients about the payment they have just made.  This letter can be a preliminary proof of payment to initiate the receipt. See if it can be used in your company.


Payment Notification Letter Sample



12 Golden Gate Road, San Francisco, USA 99999


Dear Mr. Brown,

Thank you for the payment you made today. Your  payment number is SSS-22233-HHH which is issued on November 15, 2022.


Herewith we notify you that your order has been activated. Further information will be sent to you via the next email.


See the following information regarding your payment:


Receipt Number: **BBB555565**

Amount : US $ 1,200

Issued : 15 November





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