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A press release is a written statement to the media to announce news items, scheduled events, awards, new products and services, sales accomplishments, etc.

New Product Press Release 

New Product Press Release 








Press Release
New Americana Phone
Cheaper With Gorgeous Model
Miami,       Fl    March     28,      2020
Americana     Phone      has            just
produced        the         latest     mobile
phone              products               called Americana      Elegancia.   Located
in       Ceiling     Mart,      Miami.  The
event       was        attended     by   General
Manager    of      Americana            Phone,
Mr.       Robert        Williams               and
General            Manager         of      Ceiling Mart,         Mrs.        Susan            Simmons. The       success         of    the      previous Americana     Phone      model            has encouraged      our          team               to produce            this          more        featured
mobile         phone            products         with
cheaper        price              than              other products.
According    to    Mr.   Williams,      this
cheap,     thin,     light     and         elegant Americana     Phone .       is       designed
to   be    so     small     that   it   can   be
inserted into any pocket. It is expected it can give more ease to the people who carry it. It is also expected to increase number of users and sim card Americana with cheap rate of $ 1 cent per minute for Americana Users. The price of this beautiful phone is $ 20.
This Americana Elegancia launching was also attended by guest star Scarlet Harisson who is also a star of this Americana Phone ads and all Americana Phone employees. This three color new phone can be purchased directly at the available stands.
We, American Phone, would like to dedicate ourselves to serving you at the best possible manners.

Download the  New Product Press Release here

Branch Opening Press Release







Miami, Fl February 28, 2020 – Americana Phone has just established a new branch of its phone center called Americana Phone Center in Fort Lauderdale because of the booming of its users in this area.
The opening of a new branch in Fort Lauderdale announced in February 28, 2020 and was attended by the General Manager of Americana Phone, Mr. Robert Williams and the Area Manager of Fort Lauderdale, Mrs. Susan Brown.
With the opening of a new branch, it is expected that the company will improve the quality of its service as part of its commitment to give the best service possible.

Download the Branch Opening Press Release Sample here.

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