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A  resume is a marketing  tool we use to get a new job,  or   a promotion or even a salary increase. 
A  good   resume  can  convince  our  prospective  employer that you are the most qualified candidate  to be selected.  In addition to that, a good resume should physically be appealing  to the eyes  and attractive  to whoever  reads it. More than that, a good resume should  also be  effective in showing our most strength so that our prospective employer  is eager to contact you easily due to your skills in presenting what you have for the employer.  
To write a good resume you have to consider two common types of resumes :
1.Chronological resume
2.Functional resume

The chronological résumé is the most commonly used resume by most people.  This resume presents our background chronologically either  starting from the most recent experience going chronologically backwards   through  a   succession  of  previous experience or vice versa. The chronological résumé is  better  used  if  we  have  a good   steady career growth and consistency. It is also good for the new entry. If we are often between jobs for quite a  long period of time, It is not good to use this type because It will show our prospective employer the time gaps. This time gap can be negatively interpreted. See the resume samples below.

The next type of resume we are going to consider is  functional resumeThe functional resume is best  used  for  us  who  have  a  lot  of    working experiences, job functions  and skills. The functional resume can really highlight our strength and skills. It usually ignores the time frame. Therefore, It is good for people who are sometimes unemployed. This type of resume will not show the prospective employer our unemployment periods.
So, these type of resumes can be used in different situations. Here are those two types of resume :

Chronological Resume Samples

   Email :     …………………………

1. Name                : 

2. City of Birth       

3. Country of Birth  

4. Date of Birth        

5. Address                

6. Telephone Number

7. ZIP Code                

8. E-mail Address       

9. Marital Status        

10. Spouse’s Name    

11. Children’s Name   

12. Father’s Name     

13. Mother’s Name    

14. Address              : 


15. Education           

16. Special Skills        

17. Employment Experience  : 

19. Employment Objective    :

Download the Chronological Resume here.

Functional Resume Samples

222 East Sixth Street
Bloomington Indiana 47401
(913) 321-43456
e-mail :

Financial Research Assistant
Indiana University (Bloomington)
Bachelor of Business Administration
1. Financial Research Assistant,  First Bank (Bloomington, Indiana)

2. Auditor Assistant Intern, Excellent Financial Research Service (Bloomington, Indiana)LANGUAGES

1. English
2. Spanish
3. French


1. Microsoft Office Excel
2. Quicken
3. Oracle E-Business Suite

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