Approval Letter

An approval letter is usually written to reply to a request letter from someone or a company. There are a lot of kinds of approval letters we can write. It depends on the situation or the kinds of request letters we receive. The followings are some of the approval letters we might need :

Approval Letter Sample For Leave

Maxim Ltd.
1 South Street, St. Barbara, California Tel. (1) 234 5478

March 7, 2020
Larry Mansfield
Food Production Division
Dear Mr. Mansfield,
We have thought your request over for a leave of absence to deal with your family matters. We are pleased to inform you that it has been approved. Your leave is to begin on March 17 and you are expected to come back on April 1, 2013.
You are kindly requested to coordinate with your immediate supervisor regarding any pending work to be done and the taking over of your regular responsibilities.
We wish you will find the best solution of your family problem as soon as possible.
Brian Moore
Human Resources Manager, Maxim Ltd.

Approval Letter Sample For Loan




Center Africa Bank
55/J 27th Floor, International Trade Building, Cape Town Telp. (27) 456789

March 11, 2020

Mr. Johan Van Decoch

1 Main Street, Cape Town

Account Number : 0000-12345

Reference Number : 123456789

Dear Mr. Decoch,

Center Africa Bank is pleased to confirm that your application for a personal loan of $10,000 has been approved subject to the completion of formalities. In brief, the first payment of $308 is due 30 days after disbursement of the principal. The term of the loan is three years. Our 11 % interest rate is good for the entire term of the loan.

You are kindly requested to drop by our main office located at the Center Africa Bank Head Office at 55/J 27th Floor, International Trade Building, Cape Town anytime during banking hours, within 14 days with the following documents:

  1. Original copy of pay slips for one month, photocopy of which was faxed to the bank
  2. Your last 2 months credit card or bank statements, showing your current address.
  3. Two pieces of valid identification cards (company ID, passport or other government-issued ID with photo and signature)

If you have any questions please contact Direct Loan Customer Services at telephone number (27) 456789 from 8 am to 5 pm Monday to Friday. We look forward to the completion of your loan.


Michelle Laurent
Consumer Loans Head

Mortgage Pre-Qualification Letter Sample


Sydney Realty Estate and Mortgage Services
55/J 27th Floor, International Trade Building, Sydney Telp. (61) 123456789

February 13, 2021

Mr. George Denver
1 Main Street, Sydney

Dear Mr. Denver,

Based on the information you have provided, we are pleased to confirm that you are pre-qualified by Sydney Realty Estates and Mortgage Services  for a purchase of $ 320,000. This amount represents 80 % financing of a home with a purchase price of $ 400,000 with the following details :
  1. Mortgage Product          :  30 Years Fixed Rate
  2. Term                           :  360 months
A final commitment and closing will be subject to an underwriter’s review of the followings:
  1. Satisfactory Property appraisal
  2. Minimum 20% down payment
  3. Your employment verification
  4. Your assets verification
  5. Your credit status verification
  6. ……………….
Credit documentations     shall be provided as part of our approval process. Please inform us of any adverse changes in the terms of the purchase transaction.
This pre-qualification letter does not intend or purport to  confer any rights or privileges to any third parties including, but not limited to, sellers of real property.
Should you need further assistance,  please  contact us at  our office  or by phone (234) 56789. We look forward to servicing your home financing needs.
Thank you.
Barry Williams
Home Mortgage Consultant

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