Admission Letter Sample

The first admission letter sample is designed for a school. It is to announce the admission to the school. Certainly, it should be addressed to the students who are accepted or admitted to the school. The second letter sample is more similar to a recommendation letter. But, it is closely related to a university admission. Check them.

School Admission Letter Sample








University Of Tanjungsiang
1 Paris Street, Sirap, Indonesia, Tlp. (62)1234567
June 7, 2021

Ruth Philly
2 Orchard Road,
Singapore 34567

Dear Ruth,

We are pleased to inform you that you have been admitted to the class of 2021/2022 for the University of Tanjungsiang. Attached to this admission letter, you will find a full admissions package. It includes all the documents needed to follow up the registration which have to be submitted within four weeks. Congratulation. We are looking forward to seeing you.


Admission Committee

Download the letter here.

Recommendation Letter Sample for PhD Admission from a Professor


University Of West Islands

Department of Petroleum Engineering
Faculty of Mining and  Petroleum Engineering
987 West Street, Victoria, West Islands 23456

December 2, 2021

Dr. Julian Harris
Chairman of Department of Petroleum Engineering

Vardhard University
456 Professor Lane
Alexa City, East Arctic Islands

Dear sir,

Letter of Recommendation for PhD Admission

I hereby would like to recommend Mr. Tommy Bacilluck  to pursue his PhD Course on Petroleum Engineering  in Vardhard University. 

     Name of Candidate   :  Tommy Bacilluck, MSc.
     Date of Birth            :  December 2, 1976
     Address                  :  135 Northernlight Road 
                                     Victoria 999999, West Islands

I have been Mr. Bacilluck’s acquaintance  since 1999 when he took the entrance test for his degrees to University of West Islands. His academic record has been one of the top performers in the latest decade of our university. Therefore,  it is highly possible he will perform his studies successfully in a timely manner. In addition, academically speaking, he deserves to join the PhD Course on Petroleum Engineering  in Vardhard University.

His thesis in innovating new tools and techniques for improving efficiency of petroleum productions has been tremendously successful. Likewise, his English skills have been proven to be the highest in our university. His latest IELTS score, whose test was conducted last year, was 9. Therefore, I am sure he will cope with his studies without any major trouble. Moreover, his personable and easy-going personality has helped him to get on well with everyone around him. He has most of the assets and capabilities to finish this doctoral program.

I strongly believe that he has the intellectual capacity and potential ability to finish his doctoral course in The Vardhard University.

Yours sincerely,

Prof. Dr. Jimmy Lee
Chairman of Department of Petroleum Engineering


Download the letter here.

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