Business Email Sample

Business Email Samples

The following email samples can be used for business. The samples use formal language so that they sound polite, straightforward, and concise.

Business Email Samples for Requesting Being an Agency








To    :
CC   :
Subject : Agency RequestDear Sir :I am writing in response to your advertisement on ABC News dated April 25, 2020. Our company is interested in being your agent in Dallas. We have been another agent for different product for almost fifteen years. Therefore, we are confident that we can be your mutual partner in this growing city. For your consideration, allow us to introduce our company :
Name     :   Good Buy Company
Address :   9999 North Griffin Street, Dallas, TX 75202
Phone    :  (214) 720-9999
Email      :
Website :  www.goodbuy.comWe are looking forward to hearing from you. 



Michael Spencer

Formal Email Samples for Requesting a Membership


To    :
CC   :
Subject : Membership Request


Dear Sir :

I am writing to request for a membership of Singing My Way Community that you advertised on local newspaper  dated December 5, 2021. There are two reasons that I would like to join the community. Firstly, I like the community’s activities since I am interested in singing for healing.  Secondly, I have been singing for different bands for five years. Therefore, I am sure that I can actively involve in the group’s activities. Finally, the singing activities for healing sick people is something I really admire the group.  For your consideration, please allow me  to introduce myself:
Name     :   Susan White

Address :   1234 Main Street, Cairns, Australia 75202
Phone    :  (61) 720-9999
Email      :
Website :

I am looking forward to hearing from you.




Susan White

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