Concise Salary Increase Letter To Motivate Employees

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Salary Increase Letter Sample
Knit Master
12 Main Road Victoria Seychelles 56789 Phone 248-1234567
March 25, 2020  

John Williams
10 South Road
Victoria 56789
Phone 248-7777555    

Dear John:  
You have been in this new position in Knit Master for two years. You have shown your best dedication to our company. Besides, you have also shown a positive attitude towards the management and your colleagues. Our observation shows that you have been able to increase the customer satisfaction rate. Accordingly, our sales have increased tremendously. Therefore we would like to thank you for this extraordinary performance. As of April 1, 2013, we are pleased to raise your hourly wage. Your current hour wage is $ 10 per hour. Beginning the mentioned-above date, your rate will be   $ 12.50 per hour. We really appreciate your hard work and positive attitudes.  Keep up the good work.


Brian Smith

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