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Brighton Hotel
1 Main Road, Victoria, Seychelles Tlp (248) 1234567 www.bright-motel.com

March 10, 2021

Martin Johns
Room Steward

Dear Mr. Johns
RE: Warning Over Careless Behavior

Our thorough investigation over last week’s guest’s accident indicates that you are solely responsible for the incidence.

The CCTV at our hotel recorded that you neglected the water spillage in front of the guest’s room while you were on duty. You violated our company’s policy.

Although the loss from the accident was covered by our insurance, the management can not accept your negligence. But the management has decided not to charge you on this because it was your first time doing this.

Should you keep on doing this bad behavior in future, you will not only receive this warning letter, but also be given a termination letter. Please understand the severity of this warning letter as no further warnings will be given to you for another serious violation against safety.


Ronald Martin
HR Manager


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